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Ice cream parlour room make over

Have you been looking for inspiration on how to decorate your kids room? Today we have a fantastic example of a deliciously pastel coloured ice cream parlour interior for you, designed and created by Lonneke Bubblemint in Holland.


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Do wall stickers damage walls?

Have you looked into decorating with wall stickers but still wonder about if they might leave lasting marks on your walls? This is a question we get a lot, and for a good reason, because who would...

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New cute wall stickers for kids rooms and nurseries

Our new cute wall stickers for kids rooms and nurseries are in store! These pvc-free eco-friendly and repositionable stickers are a perfect way to brighten up walls and furnitures. Use them to tell stories together with your...

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Wall Decals are not just for kids rooms

Wall decals and stickers are not just to decorate kids' rooms anymore, they are an extremely easy and affordable way for anyone to give a new look to ANY room - No paint or wallpaper needed.

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Premium wall stickers for happy homes and companies